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1st Avenue, Keoma, AB T0M 1G0, Canada

The appeal of a western-styled piece, whether a fringed vest, turquoise belt, silver ring, embroidered sugar skull boots or leather couch laced with cowhide lingers long after the 10-day cow town frenzy of the Stampede in Calgary. At Cody & Sioux we believe a little West lives in all of us, and the goods of our online shop are meant to play to those connections. All of which awakens and stirs the West within us.

Cody & Sioux is an online shop featuring the cutting edge of mainstream Modern West clothing well as a curated selection of artist and artisan work. The three elements of western design: silver, leather and turquoise are a focal point of the store, and represented in our clothing lines – both men and women’s and home accessories. In addition, you’ll find a selection of the most unique furniture pieces of North American, all with a western flair, bookending our clothing and accessories lines. We advocate and go to bat for items that are well-crafted, timeless and have an enduring sense of West, in their craftsmanship, design and material. It’s highly modern but appreciative of our western heritage, and laced with Native American influences.

At Cody & Sioux, we invite you to embrace your own style of West. Whatever it may be that embodies the idea of West for you in a personal way. Wide open space. Independence. Sustainability. Individualism. Character. Grit. We’ll leave it up to you to find it within you. Be stubborn about it. Be meticulous. Savor it and live it. Wear it close to your heart, like a necklace, a big ’ole bold and beautiful squash-blossom piece of turquoise. Go ahead and let it save your soul.

Mission Statement

To CURATE a selection of products that are unique and thoughtful of the West, products that breathe a vision of West, are well made and genuine. To ADVOCATE for the West and steward a lifestyle that embodies individualism, character, and grit and time spent outdoors. To GIVE BACK to a new generation of West designers, craftsmen and women, artists and writers.

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