Kusler Silver Design

Engraved Silver
5th Avenue, Maple Creek, SK, Canada

Kusler Silver Design is an online company specializing in western brightcut engraved silver and copper. I am a full time rancher, so working online allows me the flexibility so work around the busy times on the ranch, and also allows me to work from home 98% of the time! I wanted to create a working space both as a creative outlet for me, and a place where unique pieces for both you and your horse can be found like nowhere else in the western industry! Kusler Silver Design is predominately a jewellery company, with saddle silver line coming out later this fall!

I am nestled in the Cypress Hills of SW Saskatchewan, 25 miles from the nearest town and 75 miles from my groceries! Please check out my Instagram page: kusler_silver_design or website: http://www.kuslersilverdesign.com I would love to hear from you!

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Maple Creek SK
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