Meagan Saum

Resilience Coach & Heart Centered Business Mentor
1601 Railway St, Crossfield, AB, Canada

Meagan is a rural rooted momma of 3 spirited kiddos and owner of Silver Valley Wellness Ranch. Coach, Mentor, Speaker, Equine Guided Professional & Educator, Meagan promotes action-based leadership, mind, body, spirit wellness, emotional agility, development of new personal & professional skills and tools and a neuro-science based understanding of your WHY’S (your unique ways of thinking, values, patterns & core beliefs). She is thrilled to be the Connection Director and a Mindset Mentor of The Rural Collective. She has two social coaching communities on Facebook that she adores and puts a lot of time and energy into through free tips, mini training’s, empowerment activities and inspiring messages from her healing horses and other sources called Women


Unbridled & Unbridled Entrepreneur.

She is deeply passionate about helping motivated individuals Unbridle their restraints and restrictions that hold them back from achieving their goals, moving from a place of pain to power in their lives, relationships & careers.


Unbridled Living – Resilience Coaching

Coaching that is life & relationship focused integrating emotional wellness, personal development & growth techniques such as inner awareness, goal progression, boundaries, exploring needs, creating self acceptance & care to cultivating transformation. It helps individuals unearth the barriers that are holding them back & explore the thought & behavior patterns that may not be serving them. Clients may be working through life or relationship transitions, anxiety, trauma, stress overload, self-sabotage issues, self-perception and negative body image struggles, feeling disconnected in intimate relationships, feeling bullied, misunderstood or run over.


Unbridled Entrepreneur – Heart Centered Business Mentoring

Coaching for soul inspired freedompreneurs starting from idea stage, start up or maybe you have had a business for years and are ready to deepen or transition your current offerings. Being an entrepreneur requires a fierce commitment to do the hard work, day after day that your business will demand of you, partnered with a deepened sense of purpose. Adopt a resilient, dialed in and compassionate mindset. Business Mentoring supports you from idea stage through building the vision, discovering your interests, gifts, expertise, ideal client, mission, content creation all the way through design and marketing concepts.


Meagan provides one on one coaching online or at her office at her ranch as well as transformational experiences such as workshops & retreats that are equine guided, and may include embodiment yoga, psycho educational learning and nature-based activities.

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Crossfield AB
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