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At Revolution Wool Company our goal is to connect you to authentic Canadian wool products and the story behind them. We value and respect the land, animals, family farms and manufacturers involved in creating our quality, sustainable and natural wool goods.

Our quality Canadian wool products are grown by the sheep on our from our family farm. Processing and milling of yarns is also all done in Canada. Pure wool yarns, naturally dyed yarns, pillows, bedding, handmade items, dryer balls, sheep and lamb skins and much more.

Our story begins, from this land, on our family farm in Ontario, Canada. Using sustainable and regenerative practices, we tend to the land to produce feed for our sheep. The sheep, in turn, grow healthy and beautiful wool which is then expertly sheared and transformed into a wide variety of natural woolen goods. The health and wellbeing of the sheep is our priority. The constant revolution of life on the farm – the seasons, the cycles of the nutrients and soil to create food, the stages of growth of our sheep, the revolutions of the equipment to spin the yarns – all of these systems play a part to create the world’s most perfect fibre: wool. A natural and renewable fibre with a rich history, wool has been used for centuries for a multitude of practical uses including clothing, bedding, upholstery, and insulation. We continue to enjoy and benefit from this bountiful resource; however, today we also recognize its crucial role as a renewable resource in supporting environmental sustainability and a circular economy. At Revolution Wool Company, our wool is simple and straight from the source. We don’t add or take anything away – the wool you enjoy is in its purest form. As a result, our wool products will offer you the purest comfort, warmth and durability that will last for generations.

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