Sage & Shepherd Ranch

Regeneratively Raised Meats From Our Pasture to Your Plate
Cowley, AB, Canada

Sage & Shepherd Ranch is run by myself, Abbagail and my husband Mack. We ship our pasture-raised, regenerative meat from our pasture to your plate! Our first batch of meat will be ready mid May, so please sign up on our website to stay updated. We have an online shop where you can place your order and then every Tuesday we will be shipping out to all of Alberta! You can find that here:

Our ranch started with a few chickens for ourselves, and then we fell in love with ability to control where our food came from and the act of farming itself. Since then, our operation has expanded greatly. We offer organically fed and pasture raised chicken turkey, and pork, and 100% grass fed and finished lamb. Plus, pastured eggs, charcuterie, dry rubs, and bone broth.

Practicing regenerative agriculture means we sequester carbon, build top soil, rotationally graze animals in a holistic manner and mimic nature as much as possible. All of our meat is organically fed, non-gmo, and never given antibiotics, hormones, or vaccines. We raise animals like their natural habits indicate: poultry pecks, pigs till, and sheep graze. You’ll taste the difference.​

There are no shortcuts at Sage & Shepherd Farm. We aim to be as transparent as possible, and want to answer all of your questions! We love to keep a meaningful, honest, and quality relationship with our customers. You should have the whole picture behind the food that you put in your body. We raise happy and healthy animals, 100% guaranteed.

I also run a homestead and gardening blog where I inspire you to grow some of your own food and become more self-sufficient. You can find that here:

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Cowley AB
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Always open online! Shipping will start mid-May, every Tuesday to all of Alberta.

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