Seanna Leaf Photography

Wedding & Elopement Photographer
Buffalo Trail, Elk Point, AB, Canada

Our lives are a tightly-knit collection of relationships, spanning time and place. We connect ourselves to each other by shared moments. Big moments, candid in-between moments. Precious, irreplaceable moments that showcase our intrepid journey together.

For those moments and milestones that you need to preserve and commemorate, I will be there.

I will be there to help you create heirloom memories to last a lifetime. I will be there to tell your love story, and your life story, because saying “yes” is only part of the adventure.

My name is Seanna-Joye Fakeley Leaf & I am a wedding & elopement photographer living in Elk Point, AB. I grew up in a small rural town surrounded by family & friends. I became interested in photography when I was a little girl, sitting around my grandparents table, looking at old photo albums & hearing them tell me the stories of their lives. From their first few dates, their wedding day, to when my Mom was born. It always inspired me so deeply to think that one day I will be in their shoes & I will want to share these memories with my grandchildren. What sets me apart from other photographers is the fact that I do not think of our time together as a transaction – I work to create relationship, friendship, and trust.

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Elk Point AB
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